Sunflower oil of Crown Food Group

Crown Food Group have been producing refined sunflower oil: deodorized, frostbitten, under our own brands “Capitelli”, “Crown Oil”, “Contarini” for sale in Asia, America and Europe. All products, company Crown Food Group is recognized in the industry as a quality conscious leader for the products we manufacture, but that’s not enough, our strict quality parameters and processes utilize GMP’s and HACCP standards that are adhered right from the procurement of raw materials to finished products for the marketplace.

Sunflower oil company Crown Food Group complies with all necessary international norms and standards, what is confirmed by international certificates.

Sunflower oil company Crown Food Group has a pleasant aroma, taste and contains useful substances for body’s immune in quantities: polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins A, E, D, and amino acids. This is the most useful type of oil with a pleasant smell and saturated color.

buying sunflower oil

Sunflower Oil “Crown Oil”

Due to the increased demand for sunflower oil company Crown Food Group in the trading networks of China, Hong Kong and India, our company is always glad to welcome new partners, namely certified manufacturers with large production capacities. We hope we could become reliable partners for each other  in the future.

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