winter fancy food show 2020 trends


A short list of 2020 foods trends were observed at the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco – the event of the season to see what’s hot and trending in specialty foods from around the world.

Plant-based Food

Plant-based food

Over the last few years, plant-based food and beverages have been one of the most notable trends in the industry. The show dedicated an entire room to plant-based foods, and many more could be found across the rest of the booths. Products featuring meat alternatives were on display. Innovation also came in the form of whole vegetables.
Specialty snacks showcased at Winter Fancy Food included lotus root chips, popped water lily seeds, avocado puffs, and tomato jerky. There were a variety of cauliflower snacks: puffs, sticks, crackers, dips and even noodles, whole-vegetable cauliflower snacks, a twist on veggie chips made from powdered vegetables.

Dairy Alternatives

Oatmilk has recently surged in new products presentation and was visible on its own and added into coffee drinks and even chocolate. This alternative milk is taking center stage, finding its way into everything from coffee creamer and cheese to yogurt and ice cream. We also noticed sesame milk and even hazelnut and walnut milk.

Fermented Food

As with last year, the show featured probiotic beverages, kombuchas, drinking kinds of vinegar and tonics of all kinds.
Probiotic products like kimchi – even a vegan version minus the fish sauce, fermented tea drinks, pickles made from ugly produce and even fermented tea leaves for a Burmese take-home kit to make a specialty tea salad.

Global Cuisines

Brands are going beyond borders and introducing products with globally-inspired flavors and ingredients. The trend of global cuisines with a regional focus definitely continues.
There were presented products that are inspired by or made from traditional foods in the Caribbean and southwestern Asia, especially.
An Irish tomato relish and a Korean kimchi aioli were among globally inspired condiments launched at the show. Also featured were elevated ramen and instant noodles in the style of Indonesian and Singaporean cuisines: chocolate with rose and cardamom, popcorn with za’atar, mushroom jerky with Thai spices, etc.


Companies are being challenged to demonstrate how they are doing their part in protecting the planet. At the show, this could be seen in a variety of ways.
Environmentally friendly packaging, as well as edible cutlery, were highlighted by brands at the show. Several companies demonstrated regenerative agriculture and sustainable sourcing and manufacturing practices.
Increased focus on environmentally-friendly practices has makers turning to up-cycled ingredients. Up-cycled foods are grabbing lots of attention, as they underscore sustainable, earth-friendly fare.



Crown Food group present – Healthy AI , a software and hardware platform based on artificial intelligence, machine learning and virtual screening technologies for creating individual recipes for healthy foods and their production and delivery to consumers. Only natural plant and animal components are used in production.Stay tuned for our updates. Beginning of sales in June 2020. .


Gourmet Station

Gourmet Station – first full automatical shop (vending machines) for gourmet product, for B2C and B2B customer’s. Gourmet Station starts 2020 in Hong Kong, New York, Shanghai, Singapore, London for B2C and B2B customers. It is planned to install more than 67 automatic stores during 2020.
Stay tuned for our updates. Beginning of start in May 2020.

beluga capitelli

Innovation in the gourmet trade

Start CAVIARHOUSE.VIP Online selling platform for B2C and B2B customer delicatessen foods (caviar, fish, meat, olive oil, truffles, etc.) in Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, and Tokyo. Built on the basis of Gourmet.station – automated sales points for various customer groups. Prices from 35 to 60 percent lower than in traditional sales channels (retail chains, specialty stores, online stores).


Crown Food Group Limited – e-Commerce projects in Asia.

Crown Food Group Limited – announces the launch of new e-Commerce projects in Asia:
– Daily Food (HK) – a monthly subscription to food delivery to customer based on products of daily consumption. The main advantage of the project is that food prices are at least 30 percent lower than in retail chains.
– Avocado (HK) – a monthly subscription to food products and health products based on avocado and other natural ingredients.
– Taste wine (HK) – a monthly subscription to the best wines from different countries. Product prices are 35 percent lower than in retail channels.

We are confident that the development of these projects will facilitate access to different groups of consumers to better and cheaper products than in traditional sales channels.

Stay tuned.



CFG Innovation Lab

Company Crown Food Group Limited with its partners opened CFG  Innovation Lab – a laboratory for the adaptation of food products produced in North America, Europe for consumers in Asian countries. The laboratory is developing new food products and adapting existing food products for the local market. This is to create a recipe for brand new innovative food products and a complex of marketing measures to promote to the Asian market. Among our partners in this direction is a number of leading world companies in the field of food production.
For cooperation, contact:

Alimentaria 2018

Our impressions: Alimentaria Barcelona food expo

Every second year, Alimentaria becomes the international business hub of the food, beverage, culinary and hospitality equipment industry, one of the most important food fair in Spain and one of the most important in Europe. 

Alimentaria Barcelona 2018


The event catered to various segments within the industry and included shows such as Intervin (focused on wine, with the special Vinorum Think forum, Intercarn (meat) , Interlact (airy products and cheeses) and Restaurama (restaurants, hotels, catering).

Alimentaria Barcelona Intercarn


Hundreds of new products were presented at the Alimentaria food and drink trade show in Barcelona in April 2018 and standing out was the abundance of organic and ‘free’ products across all categories: such as free of sugar, salt, fat, lactose, gluten or frying. Many of the innovations also responded to the growing demand for organic and functional foods and drinks among consumers, who also want them to be pleasurable and without need for much preparation.

Alimentaria Barcelona Olive Oil


Also on hand were a variety of free-from, clean-ingredient, plant-based, protein-rich and other better-for-you options.
The commitment to quality products involves offering more natural flavors, less processed and purer. Dairy products and sausages are focused on the gourmet customer willing to pay a little more to have higher quality products.


The event halls cover over an acre dedicated to the world of cuisine, full of activities and tastings. There will also be specially organized live cooking shows, one in which 4 chefs will all prepare a classic dish with the objective to put their own innovative spin on it. There will also be seminars on food innovation where you can discover the trends and brands of today.

Alimentaria experience


Apart from at exhibitor stands, the Alimentaria Hub was the place to learn about prevailing trends and within it, the Innoval exhibition showcased more than 300 new products. The hub was also the site of the Taste of Tomorrow exhibition featuring displays of startup projects aimed at revolutionizing food and gastronomy.

Alimentaria Barcelona


There were a lot of different activities, masterclasses, workshops, and show-cooking sessions.

Visit Alimentaria Barcelona exhibition was a real opportunity awaits professionals, and lovers of food will appreciate the unique and hard to find food products as well as the opportunity to taste practically everything from all corners of the world and find competitive suppliers for years of cooperation.


What kind of pasta do we make?


At the stage of formation of Crown Food Group company, we decided to produce pasta exclusively from durum wheat, under its own brands; CAPITELLI, CONTARINI, CROWN PASTA, which is made on request in Italy and Spain.

Why solid wheat – because it is durum wheat, they are the most useful for the human body, containing useful minerals such as calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, B vitamins, including riboflavin, which helps to reduce fatigue, and so the same pasta is rich in protein: for example, a dish made from 100 g of pasta satisfies our daily need for protein and carbohydrates by 30%. In addition, such pasta contains fiber, which stimulates the work of the intestines, reduces the likelihood of developing cardiovascular and even certain oncological ailments. Fiber quickly removes the slag from the slagged, “neglected”, fattened body fat.

Crown Food Croup provides the highest vitreous grain vitamins, protein content and quality.

The pasta factories on which we manufacture our brands are located in Spain, Italy and have a 25-year history. The enterprise is equipped with the equipment of the leading manufacturers Bühler (Switzerland) and Pavan (Italy).

In the composition of Capitelli brand’s pasta, you can find only durum wheat and drinking water. Under the brand are proposed four forms of short cuts, as well as long forms (total 8 SKU), in the near future the release of several more types. Pasta products are produced in accordance with the most stringent international requirements, Group A,  Extra Class sort.

Our Pasta is packed in transparent polypropylene bags. For group packaging, three types of corrugated boxes are used. Each group package contains 20 retail packs.

Nutritional value of our paste per 100 g of product (average values): proteins – 12 g; fats – 1 g; carbohydrates – 72 g; energy value / caloric value – 1470 kJ / 350 kcal.

Storage conditions: in a dry, clean, well ventilated place, with relative humidity of air no more than 70% and temperature not more than 30 ° C.

Recommendations for cooking our pasta is : boil in boiling salted water (100 g of product per 1 liter of water). Time of cooking: 5 minutes.