Pure Oil Box

Crown Food group Crown Food Group Limited starts a monthly service for a subscription for home-based production of vegetable oil and oil mixes. The set consists of a mini-press for the production of oil and seed sets for its production. Only natural plant and animal components are used in production.Stay tuned for our updates. Beginning of sales in May 2020. .



Crown Food group present – Healthy AI , a software and hardware platform based on artificial intelligence, machine learning and virtual screening technologies for creating individual recipes for healthy foods and their production and delivery to consumers. Only natural plant and animal components are used in production.Stay tuned for our updates. Beginning of sales in June 2020. .


Gourmet Station

Gourmet Station – first full automatical shop (vending machines) for gourmet product, for B2C and B2B customer’s. Gourmet Station starts 2020 in Hong Kong, New York, Shanghai, Singapore, London for B2C and B2B customers. It is planned to install more than 67 automatic stores during 2020.
Stay tuned for our updates. Beginning of start in May 2020.

beluga capitelli

Innovation in the gourmet trade

Start CAVIARHOUSE.VIP Online selling platform for B2C and B2B customer delicatessen foods (caviar, fish, meat, olive oil, truffles, etc.) in Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, and Tokyo. Built on the basis of Gourmet.station – automated sales points for various customer groups. Prices from 35 to 60 percent lower than in traditional sales channels (retail chains, specialty stores, online stores).


Crown Food Group Limited – e-Commerce projects in Asia.

Crown Food Group Limited – announces the launch of new e-Commerce projects in Asia:
– Daily Food (HK) – a monthly subscription to food delivery to customer based on products of daily consumption. The main advantage of the project is that food prices are at least 30 percent lower than in retail chains.
– Avocado (HK) – a monthly subscription to food products and health products based on avocado and other natural ingredients.
– Taste wine (HK) – a monthly subscription to the best wines from different countries. Product prices are 35 percent lower than in retail channels.

We are confident that the development of these projects will facilitate access to different groups of consumers to better and cheaper products than in traditional sales channels.

Stay tuned.



CFG Innovation Lab

Company Crown Food Group Limited with its partners opened CFG  Innovation Lab – a laboratory for the adaptation of food products produced in North America, Europe for consumers in Asian countries. The laboratory is developing new food products and adapting existing food products for the local market. This is to create a recipe for brand new innovative food products and a complex of marketing measures to promote to the Asian market. Among our partners in this direction is a number of leading world companies in the field of food production.
For cooperation, contact: lab@crownfood.hk